Modo project builders helps property owners design and build a house

While some people purchase a home which was already constructed and lived in earlier, many people prefer to construct a home on a plot of land they purchased. The home a person owns is the largest single investment of the person, hence many people would like to have a home constructed which is designed to suit their requirements. While there are many builders who will construct houses with a standard design, property owners in Victoria who wish to Design and build a house which is customized should hire the services of Modo project builders, since they specialize in building customized homes in Melbourne, Australia.


Modo project builders has an experienced team which has constructed many high quality luxury homes in Melbourne for its customers. The building and design team includes architects with more than three decades of experience, builders, designers, carpenters, draftsmen, who can help their customers build their dream house. Most of the staff at Modo is registered with the relevant trade bodies and include unlimited Building Surveyors, registered commercial builders, and registered domestic builders, so customers can be assured that the work done is of the highest quality.

Property owners who wish to get their home custom designed should first finalize their plans for their home based on the plot size and location. Based on their requirement like family size, age of family members, hobbies and interests, and future plans, they may want a house with a specific number of rooms. They may also want a particular layout for the house, specifying the location of the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom. They may also want a basement for storage or other activities, a garage for parking their vehicle, and a garden for relaxing and growing plants. They can also check the designs of homes already constructed by Modo to get ideas for their home.

After the property owner has finalized their home requirements including paint color, hardware, plumbing fixtures, they should approach Modo with these details, along with the location of the plot and area. They should also specify their budget for building the home, and when they want the house construction to be completed. The property owner should also provide additional information on the property to Modo, whether he plans to live in the property with his family, or rent the property to others. This will help Modo develop a better design for the home based on their customer’s vision.

Modo will then evaluate the plans of the property owner, along with the site information, soil reports and other information, documents which are available. They will also estimate the kind of structural engineering that will be required for the home. They will check the specifications mentioned by the property owner for the home, and also the budget of the home owner for the construction of the property. Based on the expenses Modo will incur constructing the custom made home, Modo will provide an estimate of the costs of the home, and also the time period for completion of construction.

The property owner can evaluate the construction proposal for the dream house, and request changes if required. Like other builders, Modo will also provide a schedule for completion of the work, the different stages of the construction and when each stage of the construction activity will be completed. Usually the property owner will have to pay Modo part of their construction fees, after each construction stage is completed. After finalizing the terms, the property owner can finalize a contract at a fixed price with Modo Builders for constructing the customized house.

Many property owners who wish to construct home are involved in construction related activities like plumbing, carpentry, painting or tile laying. In this case, Modo builders can help them in the construction of the house, helping them only in the structural design and building work. After this the property owner can take over the construction of the house and build the rest of the house himself or with the help of friends, usually at a lower cost, since he is involved in the trade. This will help the property owner save some money in construction of the home, stated concrete grinding Sydney. Thus Modo builders offers property owners multiple options for designing and building their dream home in and around Melbourne.

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