How To Install The Right Solar Systems

There is a growing shift towards solar power in many homes. This is because of the obvious benefits and advantages they offer. They are one of the cleanest and green sources of renewable energies. Further, they are extremely cost effective and could bring down the energy bills of customers by more than 50 to 60%. However, all this is possible only when you spend time, do the right research and then choose the right solar system. It is important to choose the right number of solar panels.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For 5KW?

There is no doubt that most homes would like to go in for a 5KW solar system. These solar systems are highly popular because they are considered to be compacted and best suited for a small family. They also are capable of offering the best energy yields and also offering the best value for money. Normally any modern day 5kw solar system info should have anything between 15 to 20 panels. Further, it also would require a roof space of around 25 – 35 square meters. The number of panels would also depend on the wattage of the panels and the angles at which they are tilted. If they get more exposure to direct sunlight, the better their performance will be. However, as a thumb rule, you should not need more that 20 panels even when customers need the maximum wattage.

What Can I Run On A 5KW Solar System?

Any good solar system with 5KW power can easily operate some of the most commonly used home appliances. We are listing down a few of them:

Washing Machine

Many homes use washing machines that run on solar power because they help in saving energy. They consume around 800W per cycle provided you know how to use them efficiently. Experts recommend use of cold water and also the machine should be run on full load.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are often considered notorious for consuming huge amounts of electricity. It could be one of the biggest drains but hot water becomes a necessity during the winter season. You have to pay for this luxury and it should consume around 4 KW of power day and your solar panel derived power should be able to take care of it. Therefore you must use it very sparing and for small periods of time.


Cooktops and ovens need around 2400 W per hour and your 5KW solar panel can easily accommodate this. This is because even in a relatively big home, we could be using it at best for one hour.


You cannot do without a refrigerator and it is a must for all homes. The modern energy efficient refrigerators are not a big drain on your energy and power consumption. They need around 1 to 2 KW per day if they are running continuously. During winter seasons, it may make sense to switch off the refrigerator during the night time. You may have to run other appliances carefully and monitor the overall usage so that it does not exceed the overall capacity of the solar panels and power that it generates.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners consume huge amount of power and therefore you cannot aspire to run in 24 hours a day when you have a 5KW solar panel power system. Hence, you must use it sparingly when other units like water heaters, refrigerators, ovens and washing machines are not running. If you can use it sparingly, you can continue using ACs but bear in mind that it consumes 3 to 5 kws of power per hour.

How Many STCs is a 5KW?

STC stands for Small Scale Technology Certificates. STC would depend on are and pin-code. For example if you are from Victoria, Australia, you will be eligible for 71 STC.

How Much Does A 5KW Solar System Cost In Victoria?

The average cost of a 5KW solar system in Victoria could range anywhere from $5,500 to $8,500, when it is fully furnished.

Is 5kw Enough To Run A House?

As mentioned above a 5KW solar system with around 15 to 20 panels is good enough to keep a house with a small family away from the grid.


There is no doubt that investing in quality solar systems is a wise decision and a quality 5KW system should be enough to meet the daily power requirement of the entire home and keep it separates from the grid.

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