Watch-out For These Things That Commonly to Block Drains

Your drainage system is made to handle waste water and not any other materials. But we cannot be sure that no other materials/objects will find their way down the drain.

There was a time that I thrown rice down the sink after eating and after that, the drain had a hard time flushing the rice down. I know, it was stupid of me to do that but it was an honest mistake. You might know what to throw down the sink and what not to.

The most common area for draining related problems are in the sinks and toilets. You may know the usual things that will block drains, but trust me; there are a lot of things that you don’t realise that causes problems to your drains.  

Below are more causes drainage blockage and eventually damage your plumbing system:

  • Condoms – If you are going to “do” it with this, please don’t throw condoms down the trash. These are not easily broken down and may take years to do it and it is not advisable to flush this down the toilet. Instead, throw it in your trash.
  • Fat – Fat may be one of the things you least expect to be here. It sticks, builds up then eventually cause a blockage that will affect the drain. It may not affect it the first few months but it will soon cause some problems with it being lodged places. 
  • Wipes – Wipes, especially baby wipes might be disposable but do they really need to be thrown down the toilet? – No. Take the time to go and buy a trash can with a lid for your convenience.
  • Bath Salts – Bubble baths are fancy and using Bath Salts is the way to do that. Bath Salts are supposed to dissolve in water right? So that means you don’t have to worry about it, right? Well, it’s actually both yes and n because alot of them don’t dissolve thoroughly.  When you use them, you may notice that some of them don’t get dissolve, they usually look like lumps and lodges to places. 
  • Fancy Multi-ply Toilet Paper – Fancy toilet papers might sound like a good idea, but people don’t realize that you are not adjusting your usage of paper even though you have a multiple ply of toilet paper already and end up throwing more into toilets and will eventually cause problems for your toilets, drains and plumbing system.
  • Cotton Buds – Cotton Buds are often dropped into toilets or down drains. They might be flushed down from view, but these things might be lodged inside your plumbing system even though your toilet is clear in sight, but you cannot see what’s going on down there. 
  • Children’s Toys – Remember the toy robot that can be assembled and disassembled you gave your child for the holidays?  The breakable parts of toys like that come off in the bath if your child chooses to play with it while bathing.  To prevent this, do yourself a favor and take the time to tell your children not to bring those kinds of toys to the bath and tell them not to play in the sink. 

Blocked drains are the start leading to major issues in your plumbing system. They start as minor issues but can quickly escalate. As they say, prevention is better than cure. 

Quick tip from Around the Bend Plumber in Frankston  “If your used of just throwing food to the sink before washing them, you should change your habit to throw it to a trash bin that is separated from the normal bin. If you don’t have a separate one yet, please invest in one. It is a life saver! 

No matter how fancy your house is, how advance your plumbing system is, how nice your appliances are, all are prone to damage; some just take a longer time to see that it needs repairs. Among some of the top culprits are hair, cotton buds, toilet papers, food, soap, and toys. You should always practice prevention before learning how to deal with the problem. It is better to learn and understand the causes, fix your existing problems, then practice prevention when all are done and are ready for a new round.  

Everything you Need to Know About Moving to Cambridge NZ

If you’re thinking of moving to a new place in New Zealand, it would be difficult to look beyond Cambridge in New Zealand. The town incorporates beautiful scenery with historic value. 

What Do I Need to Know About Cambridge?

Cambridge Homes for Sale is available in many different sizes, types and budgets. Newer homebuyers will enjoy the many unique features offered in contemporary homes in this city, while those looking to move up will appreciate many of the same features as well. For anyone looking for a beautiful new home in Cambridge, there is a home to fit your needs.

If you have never purchased a new home, your best bet is to take a look at what is available in your area. For you newcomers, there is a brand new home right in town that has everything you’ve ever dreamed—a new home for the first time on the market. New residents of all budgets and tastes, you can now buy a new home right in the city! With its beautiful picturesqueness, luxurious kitchens and stylish architecture, homes, this unique neighbourhood, offers a house that you will truly feel at home in.

What Is Cambridge Known For?

The Cambridge area is known for its diverse culture and excellent school system, so many families are choosing to move into this area to raise their children. This is also a great place to live for retirees who want to stay in one spot and work from their own home.

If you love the outdoors, Cambridge is a great place to call home. Whether you choose to spend your days hiking, boating or just enjoying nature, this city is perfect. If you have a passion for the outdoors, there is a house for you in this community.

The housing market in Cambridge has improved dramatically over the past few years, and now many homes are affordable enough for first-time homebuyers. For older houses or resale properties, this city is an excellent choice. Cambridge homes for sale in the downtown area are located within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, stores and schools. There are also parks, tennis courts and other recreational centres to make owning a house in the city even more attractive.

The historic downtown area of Cambridge is the perfect setting for those who enjoy the arts. Even if you don’t have a talent for painting, there is still real estate in this historic area to give you a chance to enjoy this extraordinary art form. With the rich history of this city, there is real estate in Cambridge that is worth a lot of money.

Is it Difficult to Move to Cambridge? 

For anyone in search of a new home, there are many homes for sale in this city to choose from. If you’re looking to move, Cambridge homes for sale are available at a fantastic price. Companies like Progressive Properties are experts in finding a house that’s the right fit for their clients. One of the reasons for this is a large number of buyers and sellers. Many people are taking advantage of the many foreclosures in this section of the city, and the increase in the number of homes for sale. No matter what your budget is, there is a house to match your taste. This includes new construction or more traditional homes. You can find a house to suit your needs no matter what you desire. If you love your neighbours, or if you love the peace, there are homes to fit your style. Cambridge is a city that has plenty to offer for a comfortable lifestyle.

Cambridge offers many different homes for sale. If you want a lovely home with plenty of space and plenty of room for your family, you are going to want to look in the downtown area. There are several beautiful houses to choose from in this area, and you can find the perfect home to suit your particular needs. Whether you are looking for a single-family home or you want to live in a condominium unit, there is a good chance that you will be able to find it in this part of the city.

If you enjoy the outdoors, but you don’t like all of the noise and the pollution, you might prefer a quieter place to live; then you can find a wonderful neighbourhood for that as well. The community surrounding Harvard University is a popular place to live in. Cambridge. This is an excellent place for families to spend their free time and take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds the campus of Harvard. If you are looking for a great way to relax and unwind, you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Where Can I go to Find Homes for Sale in Cambridge?

If you are looking for homes for sale in Cambridge, you have many options. There are lots of homes to choose from, and the price range is very reasonable. If you have a desire to own a home, then you should take advantage of this beautiful community. When you are ready to buy your own home, you will be happy with your purchase, and you will be able to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful city.

How To Install The Right Solar Systems

There is a growing shift towards solar power in many homes. This is because of the obvious benefits and advantages they offer. They are one of the cleanest and green sources of renewable energies. Further, they are extremely cost effective and could bring down the energy bills of customers by more than 50 to 60%. However, all this is possible only when you spend time, do the right research and then choose the right solar system. It is important to choose the right number of solar panels.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For 5KW?

There is no doubt that most homes would like to go in for a 5KW solar system. These solar systems are highly popular because they are considered to be compacted and best suited for a small family. They also are capable of offering the best energy yields and also offering the best value for money. Normally any modern day 5kw solar system info should have anything between 15 to 20 panels. Further, it also would require a roof space of around 25 – 35 square meters. The number of panels would also depend on the wattage of the panels and the angles at which they are tilted. If they get more exposure to direct sunlight, the better their performance will be. However, as a thumb rule, you should not need more that 20 panels even when customers need the maximum wattage.

What Can I Run On A 5KW Solar System?

Any good solar system with 5KW power can easily operate some of the most commonly used home appliances. We are listing down a few of them:

Washing Machine

Many homes use washing machines that run on solar power because they help in saving energy. They consume around 800W per cycle provided you know how to use them efficiently. Experts recommend use of cold water and also the machine should be run on full load.

Water Heaters

Water heaters are often considered notorious for consuming huge amounts of electricity. It could be one of the biggest drains but hot water becomes a necessity during the winter season. You have to pay for this luxury and it should consume around 4 KW of power day and your solar panel derived power should be able to take care of it. Therefore you must use it very sparing and for small periods of time.


Cooktops and ovens need around 2400 W per hour and your 5KW solar panel can easily accommodate this. This is because even in a relatively big home, we could be using it at best for one hour.


You cannot do without a refrigerator and it is a must for all homes. The modern energy efficient refrigerators are not a big drain on your energy and power consumption. They need around 1 to 2 KW per day if they are running continuously. During winter seasons, it may make sense to switch off the refrigerator during the night time. You may have to run other appliances carefully and monitor the overall usage so that it does not exceed the overall capacity of the solar panels and power that it generates.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners consume huge amount of power and therefore you cannot aspire to run in 24 hours a day when you have a 5KW solar panel power system. Hence, you must use it sparingly when other units like water heaters, refrigerators, ovens and washing machines are not running. If you can use it sparingly, you can continue using ACs but bear in mind that it consumes 3 to 5 kws of power per hour.

How Many STCs is a 5KW?

STC stands for Small Scale Technology Certificates. STC would depend on are and pin-code. For example if you are from Victoria, Australia, you will be eligible for 71 STC.

How Much Does A 5KW Solar System Cost In Victoria?

The average cost of a 5KW solar system in Victoria could range anywhere from $5,500 to $8,500, when it is fully furnished.

Is 5kw Enough To Run A House?

As mentioned above a 5KW solar system with around 15 to 20 panels is good enough to keep a house with a small family away from the grid.


There is no doubt that investing in quality solar systems is a wise decision and a quality 5KW system should be enough to meet the daily power requirement of the entire home and keep it separates from the grid.

Asbestos Inspection – Is Your Property Safe?

If you’re thinking about asbestos inspection brisbane, you should seriously consider having your home inspected for asbestos contamination. It’s important to get the asbestos testing done as soon as possible so that the problem can be dealt with before it becomes more serious. Here are a few things to look for in the report:

I’m sure you’re aware of the importance of performing a thorough process of asbestos assessment. This is critical if you’re planning on keeping your house safe from asbestos exposure. If you do not perform this step correctly, you could find yourself in legal trouble. How does a home inspector help with this?

Before you even think about performing asbestos removal, a complete report should be taken. You want to be able to determine what kinds of materials were used in the building, what kinds of asbestos was present, and where it was located. These details can provide a lead into possibly finding the source of the problem.

You also want to be able to make sure that there are no other areas where asbestos has been in contact. If you live in a high rise apartment building, there is likely going to be a variety of materials that contain the material. A professional inspector can help you find these materials and then locate and remove them.

This is going to be the most expensive part of the process, but the asbestos must be removed from the area that has been contaminated. If you don’t do this properly, it could turn into a situation where the source is still being used even though it could potentially cause health problems to the people who lived in the area. At the very least, it will put your house at risk for health issues.

The things that make asbestos an issue include its appearance, the type of work that you do, and how often the asbestos is exposed to different parts of the building. It may be hard to know when you should have the asbestos cleaned, but remember that the right kind of inspections can be performed. It all starts with having a basic asbestos inspection.

There are many types of asbestos and some of them are more hazardous than others. The ones that can cause health problems are called Asbestosis fibers. There are many different types of asbestos and one of the most hazardous is polystyrene which is known as PRU.

The question is how much is too much? Many people may not understand how much asbestos you can expose yourself to until they get the inspection. There are various measurements and limits that different places have.

When you are performing an asbestos inspection, it’s a good idea to give yourself a break and understand the basics. It is important to understand how it is measured and to know if the quantity of asbestos that you should remove is well within what is acceptable. Sometimes, it may be necessary to ask someone to clean up the situation as well.

If you’re in a high rise apartment building or a commercial building, the standards for asbestos coverage may be different than if you were living in a home. There may be floors that are built to accommodate the use of asbestos products. If you do not have this, you could find yourself paying thousands of dollars for a repair.

Because asbestos exposure is so dangerous, you must be familiar with the facts about the material before you start performing work on the structure. This could mean getting a specialist to perform an asbestos inspection. This would ensure that you are safe, and that you won’t be putting yourself at risk.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to make sure that your home is protected from asbestos exposure, contact a local home inspector. You could be surprised at the value that you can get for your home. When you buy a home that is likely to contain asbestos, you may want to consider an inspection so that you can be sure to know whether your property is safe.

What Is Horizontal Drilling?

In the development of technologies to drill for oil and gas, horizontal drilling or driller fracking is by far the most popular technique used. Many oil companies and exploration companies both in the U.S. and abroad are now using the process of directional drilling in order to find deposits.

Directional drilling involves the use of horizontal drilling equipment. It is used to access deposits that are found to be beneath the ground rather than on the surface, such as shale. Horizontal Drilling of this type is considered a high risk strategy.

To explain this better, horizontal drilling requires many different types of equipment to explore deep into the earth. These include: tunnelling machines, heaters, motors, lighting, seismic equipment, tractors, cutters, and drill bits. It requires the use of hydraulic pressure, directional instruments and directional drill bits.

The majority of horizontal drilling equipment is based on a screw pump. The purpose of this device is to provide pressure on the borehole, as well as allowing water to flow through the drill hole. This helps in the formation of stable seals that will help to prevent leaks.

Prior to directional drilling, drill holes need to be sealed. The horizontal drilling fluids that are used in the process are chemicals that act as a sealant and help to extend the life of the shaft and drill bit.

A separate service to prevent accidental discharge of fluids and gases from the horizontal drilling process is to seal the borehole, and the horizontal drilling itself, with flange seals. The flange seal will stop any leak from getting out of control and will also allow the drill bit to hold the seal firmly against the rock.

Another aspect of the Driller Fracking which needs to be considered is the movement of the drill bit during the exploration process. Since this is a new method of horizontal drilling, a lot of trial and error is required, since it is not common practice.

A service to use is called the pea cutter. This is used to drill shallow boreholes and then turn the bit at a high angle so that the bit hits the next section of rock and pushes it out of the way. This service should be used to minimize any chance of a larger whole, which could cause damage to surrounding structures.

The majority of horizontal drill bits are of the directional variety. These are chosen based on their ability to penetrate deep into the earth, and also their ability to retain their penetrating capability when they meet rocks.

The directionality of horizontal drill bits will depend on the quality of material being drilled. Some of the best quality bits are known as “knee-high” bits, while the worst are “heel-high” bits.

When choosing directional drilling services, it is important to find out what drill bit types they are using. Companies will use directional bits, and bits made from various materials, depending on the depth they plan to drill, as well as the areas that they plan to work in.

What is best for one operation may not be the best choice for another, so it is imperative to get a quote from different companies for the cost of their horizontal drilling services. Doing your research prior to contacting a company is essential to finding the best company for the job.

Modo project builders helps property owners design and build a house

While some people purchase a home which was already constructed and lived in earlier, many people prefer to construct a home on a plot of land they purchased. The home a person owns is the largest single investment of the person, hence many people would like to have a home constructed which is designed to suit their requirements. While there are many builders who will construct houses with a standard design, property owners in Victoria who wish to Design and build a house which is customized should hire the services of Modo project builders, since they specialize in building customized homes in Melbourne, Australia.


Modo project builders has an experienced team which has constructed many high quality luxury homes in Melbourne for its customers. The building and design team includes architects with more than three decades of experience, builders, designers, carpenters, draftsmen, who can help their customers build their dream house. Most of the staff at Modo is registered with the relevant trade bodies and include unlimited Building Surveyors, registered commercial builders, and registered domestic builders, so customers can be assured that the work done is of the highest quality.

Property owners who wish to get their home custom designed should first finalize their plans for their home based on the plot size and location. Based on their requirement like family size, age of family members, hobbies and interests, and future plans, they may want a house with a specific number of rooms. They may also want a particular layout for the house, specifying the location of the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom. They may also want a basement for storage or other activities, a garage for parking their vehicle, and a garden for relaxing and growing plants. They can also check the designs of homes already constructed by Modo to get ideas for their home.

After the property owner has finalized their home requirements including paint color, hardware, plumbing fixtures, they should approach Modo with these details, along with the location of the plot and area. They should also specify their budget for building the home, and when they want the house construction to be completed. The property owner should also provide additional information on the property to Modo, whether he plans to live in the property with his family, or rent the property to others. This will help Modo develop a better design for the home based on their customer’s vision.

Modo will then evaluate the plans of the property owner, along with the site information, soil reports and other information, documents which are available. They will also estimate the kind of structural engineering that will be required for the home. They will check the specifications mentioned by the property owner for the home, and also the budget of the home owner for the construction of the property. Based on the expenses Modo will incur constructing the custom made home, Modo will provide an estimate of the costs of the home, and also the time period for completion of construction.

The property owner can evaluate the construction proposal for the dream house, and request changes if required. Like other builders, Modo will also provide a schedule for completion of the work, the different stages of the construction and when each stage of the construction activity will be completed. Usually the property owner will have to pay Modo part of their construction fees, after each construction stage is completed. After finalizing the terms, the property owner can finalize a contract at a fixed price with Modo Builders for constructing the customized house.

Many property owners who wish to construct home are involved in construction related activities like plumbing, carpentry, painting or tile laying. In this case, Modo builders can help them in the construction of the house, helping them only in the structural design and building work. After this the property owner can take over the construction of the house and build the rest of the house himself or with the help of friends, usually at a lower cost, since he is involved in the trade. This will help the property owner save some money in construction of the home, stated concrete grinding Sydney. Thus Modo builders offers property owners multiple options for designing and building their dream home in and around Melbourne.

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Tree pruning

Before getting starting the gardening, you must know all of the following tips and must have enough knowledge to start gardening in a professional way. Tree pruning is actually a practice of horticulture that modifies the growth of any plant. This practice actually involves the expertise of science and aesthetics. The reason of pruning trees is to maintain the healthy growth of a plant by cutting off unwanted, diseased, and damaged branches of a particular plant. This process gives a healthier growth to a plant which further helps in healthy flowers and fruits. A dense hedge can also be gained with pruning. The tree pruning process includes the removal of dead or dying branches due to any tree disease Australia or infection. The infection in plants is a common thing and animals, storms, and other factors are mainly responsible for the infection in plants. Also, during the pruning process, the branches that rub with each other are also eliminated. Branch stubs are also listed in the things which are eliminated during the process of pruning. Being in more adventure about best trees to plant near house, please pay a visit!

Stump removal

Stump removal is also a healthy practice to consider when dealing with lots of trees. There are many ways to remove stumps by hands but that’s only for small stumps. The hardness of removing stumps depends on the age of stump. The older stumps are usually difficult to remove. So, the best way to remove the stump (the older one) is to rent a grinder for yourself. It will cost you around $100-$150 per day. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to remove only 2 stumps or you’re gonna remove 100 of them. So, yeah the choice is up to you. Two or three stumping trees can easily be removed with a chain saw and a shovel. If you’re going to remove plenty of stumps, then renting a grinder will be best option to choose. Furthermore, you will need a chain saw to cut as much as you can to make the job easier for the grinder. Start grinding the stump by the grinder and don’t forget to wear goggles for protection. So, these were some of the main tips on tree pruning, tree cabling, and stump removal. Discovering more about landscaping trees backyard, please have a visit on page!


Over the last few years the property of Melbourne market has strong and consistent, it has in fact, been Melbourne the best performing capital city market for over the last quarter of a century. In order to have a better understanding on situation of the second largest property market in Australia, follow property investment advice, there are some factors to be considered when investing in Melbourne’s property:


The value of Melbourne property has risen at the second fastest stride of all capital cities Over the past years. Consistently, Rates of Auction clearance have been discounting and rising, also the time on market levels have dropped through the city, showing a strong market depth from different property buyers and investors over the year. Currently, Melbourne rates as one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the developed world, with its population that could to increase by 10% in 4 years’ time.


Melbourne is divided into 2 neighborhoods, the east neighborhood and the west neighborhood. The residents in the east neighborhood are well established and considered more affluent, while the residents in the west neighborhood are newer suburbs with less established reputations and affordability.


Residents of Melbourne enjoys some of Australia’s advanced and connected road systems and other tram-infrastructural facilities, which enable the locals to have abundant options when deciding on how to get to the city and its neighboring suburbs.

Positive Gearing Your Property Investment

If your capital growth is running low and you are running a bit tight on income, your property just might be the solution. Passive income is a way to keep yourself from falling into famine once you lose your job or find your financial resources under certain risks. But how can your property merely help you out with such a problem? Thus, introducing positive gearing your property investment.

There are certain ways to positive gear your property but what does it mean and how does it work comes first.

What Is Positive Gearing Your Property Investment?

Starting with a simple example to not complicate the answer to this question; let us suppose the rental income of the property you own is $100 each month, and the expenses you have to pay such as taxes, maintenance, loan repayments, etc. on that property are $70, this means your property is positively geared. Why? Because it saves you 30$ each month thus you end up earning $360 per year.

How Does Position Gearing Your Property Works?

It is not all that difficult to positive gear your property. However, it requires some property investment planning and a bit of a professional help to minimize the risks whatsoever. People who generate a low capital income and keep facing fluctuation in their employment usually use their property to create a positive cash flow so they do not face financial problems later.

It is as simple as it can be. If you already own a property then you might have to focus on the renovations and lease options of your property. It is certain that the housing demand increases over time which makes your property very eligible for renting out, however, in order to create a positive cash flow to keep the income increasing each year, you need your property to attract market first. For that, your property must be maintained, renovated, and properly displayed. Once you make your property looks appealing, you can even rent it out to dual occupants, perhaps more if you eventually earn enough to build an extension to your property.

More can be done so your rental income is increased. Look for a great real estate agent who can find good tenants so your expenses stay under control as well. The real estate agent can also help you in creating better lease options such as minimizing the time period of your property occupancy.

It all sounds like a perfect plan until your expenses increase along with your income. In order to keep a strict eye on that, you need to keep a few things on your checklist and take care of them, such as managing the property on your own to avoid any charges. If that sounds like a problem then looking for a cheaper rental manager who would charge less than the others.

Another thing that can be done to support your rental property is your insurance policy. Get a good one along with an interest-only loan. You can also get rid of your mortgage entirely and look for tenants who will cause fewer maintenance problems and stick with paying off their utility bills too.

Now that you have your investments and the expenses under control, you can positive gear your property once you feel like your job and income is at a risk. There are no such disadvantages to positive gearing your property for passive income and positive cash flow unless you have a rapid capital growth through your job. Positive gearing your property can be made much more efficient and feasible if the correct decisions and help if acquired.